Equipo Tu Empresa En Estonia


Our team includes professionals from Estonia, Spain and the UK. We are entrepreneurs like you, so we understand the struggles of managing and growing a business.

We want the same flexibility and freedom for your business that we enjoy in ours.

Founding our company in Estonia was a game changer for some of us. That’s why we want to help other entrepreneurs discover the the benefits of having an European company you can run completely online.

IgnacioCEO & Founder
I am an entrepreneur, digital nomad, and founder of Your Company In Estonia. The e-Residency program changed my life. That’s why I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs launch a business they can manage completely online, without borders or red tape.
IrinaAccountant and Fiscal Expert
I take care of the accountancy of your company. I am an expert in accountancy and bookkeeping in Estonia. I know the Estonian law in detail. My goal is helping your business grow efficiently by making the accountancy and bookkeeping while you focus on what’s important.
EstherCustomer Support & Consulting
My job is making sure you always have the support you need. I am the one that takes care of your requests and solves your doubts. Helping you to keep your business under control motivates me. I am an expert in customer service, and I’m sincerely committed to your concerns.
MiguelArt Director & Community Manager
I’ve been developing communities for companies for years. I love working with social media and web presence of projects I admire. I am expert in developing your online presence and social networks to help you reach your full potential. Mi goal: making sure your path to the Estonian business scene becomes as friendly and easy as possible.
MercedesAccountant and Fiscal Expert
I am a professional specialized in bookkeeping and accountancy. I know the fiscal law of many European countries -such as Spain-, and can offer you the best advice on how to plan your entrepreneurial project. I also happen to be the more patient member of the team… ¡Aomm!
Rob-o-maticSistemas & Automatización
Hi, I’m rob-o-matic! Even though I’m technically nothing more than just a bunch of bips, bops and pings, I like to think of myself as an essential member of the team. My job, under the supervision of Fran, is doing all the repetitive, tedious tasks nobody else wants to do. I’m always working, but don’t worry, I love my job! Bip!