Registration and of the share capital and Estonian-English translations

In order to register the share capital of your company, you need to submit an application in the registry attaching the proof of payment or bank statement that proves that the share capital has been paid. This report needs to be in Estonian, and digitally signed by the bank. Some banks can’t deliver this proof of payment in Estonian and digitally signed, so it’s necessary to do a sworn translation, notarization, and put an apostille in the document before you can submit it to the Estonian authorities.

Registration and payment of the share capital

250€ + VAT

The price includes sworn translation of the bank statement to Estonian or notarization with apostille, and support in the process of registering the share capital contribution.

Sworn translation

We do the sworn translation of the bank statement to Estonian, in case it’s in a different language. Otherwise, we notarize the document. Always with an apostille.

Hague apostille

After the sworn translation, we will add the Hague apostille to the sworn translation or notarization to be accepted in the European country of destination.

Digital and postal delivery

We deliver digital copies of the documents as soon as we obtain them to register the share capital immediately, and we also send you physical copies to your home address. Have a look at our article about the topic.