Undoubtedly the most amazing feature of the e-Residency program is the power of the digital identity issued by the Estonian government. This identity allows you to identify yourself to the Estonian administration, sign legally binding contracts, and much more. But not only the Estonian administration. Any organization that recognizes and supports this digital identity may also allow you to make use of it.

At Your Company In Estonia, we are faithful followers of the spirit of e-Residency, that is why we have incorporated not only digital access through your e-Resident card, but also the signing of documents and contracts thanks to the power of the digital nation.

Accessing Companio with the e-Resident card

To be able to access Companio with the e-Resident card, you will first have to enable this option in Settings, so you will have to enter at least once with your magic link. Go to the Companio website, enter your email, and click on “Get magic link”. Once you get the magic link, use the link to access Companio.

Once inside, open the User Settings menu at the top right and select “Settings”.

Go to the Security tab, and enable the “Allow secure authentication with e-Residency card” checkbox. Before doing so, make sure that:

  • You have installed the card software, the necessary drivers and the browser plugins.
  • The card is inserted in the USB reader and it is correctly connected to the computer.
  • The reader light is on and the card is correctly positioned.

If all goes well, the certificate will be read and you will be asked for PIN1 to confirm access.

PRO tip: To make sure the card is correctly inserted in the reader, open the DigiDoc software, and insert the card. Wait until a success message appears stating that the card is well positioned and the certificate has been read. Then go back to the browser and reload the page.

In addition, on this screen, you can also enable the signature of documents and contracts with the e-Resident card. The process is quite similar, select the “Enable contract signature with the e-Residency card” checkbox. This time you will be asked for the PIN2.

To test the card access you just have to logout from the current session using the appropriate option in the top right menu. Then, on the login screen, press the “Access with card” button. You will be asked for PIN1. If everything goes well, from that moment you can enter with your e-Resident card.

Deciding the future of Companio together

At Your Company In Estonia, we want to give our clients voice and vote in something as important as the tool with which they manage their company every day. Did you know that you can suggest improvements or request the correction of errors from the same Companio platform? If you have not already done so, enter the “Improvements” section in the user menu at the top left. You can suggest an improvement or correction of errors, or vote on the initiatives that you like the most from other users.

If you are not a customer yet, come with us! We have the most prepared team and Companio, the most powerful tool on the market for managing your company completely online.