In Your Company In Estonia we focus on excellence in the services we provide and in the transparency of our work:

  • We support companies with multiple members (shareholders and board members), this is important in case your business grows or you need to incorporate new partners into your company
  • We support employees and salaries. If you hire employees either temporarily or regularly, it is mandatory to carry out a series of procedures and sometimes submit the corresponding tax reports in Estonia. This is included in your monthly accountancy fee.
  • We have agreements with banks like Transferwise to facilitate the bank account opening process. We will help you during the whole process.
  • You can talk to us by video or audio conference for urgent situations.
  • We are a company founded by e-Residents and digital nomads. We understand what it means to not be a tax resident in Estonia, or anywhere else, and can advise you about taxes, etc.
  • Our Companio® dashboard, where you manage your invoices month by month, has a whole series of advantages over our competitors:
    • You can access your monthly VAT and TSD reports, so you can check that the accounting has been done correctly.
    • Enhanced security through your ID card login.
    • The easiest tool in the market to upload and keep track of your invoices for accountancy.
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