There is currently no corporate banking solution offering Estonian IBANs. Transferwise will give you a German IBAN and Revolut Business a British or Lithuanian IBAN. That can be a problem with some platforms such as Google Adsense that expect your IBAN to be from the same country as your company (shame on you, Google).

Most of the times, even if your bank account does not have an Estonian IBAN, you can open a support ticket or talk to the technical support of the platforms asking you for an Estonian IBAN and inform them that your bank is not Estonian so even if it’s the bank account of an Estonian company, it does not have an Estonian IBAN.

However, on the occasions when this non-Estonian IBAN is not accepted, the best option is to open a bank account in a traditional Estonian bank, which will grant you an Estonian IBAN. In that case, you should try with LHV, Swedbank or SEB.

As part of our company registration pack, we will be happy to advise you during the bank account opening process.

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