To obtain the crypto-licenses, you will need at least these documents:

  • Criminal records of all members of the company (both shareholders and members of the board), issued less than three months ago, in English, and with an apostille.
  • CV of all the members of the company, in english.
  • Digitally signed photos or copies of the passports and e-Residency IDs of all members.
  • The AML and KYC documents of your company, in English.

Sometimes (but not always), the FIU unit also asks for the following documentation:

  • The white paper of your project.
  • degrees and diplomas of your college and professional achievements.

Also, sometimes, a member of the company is required to visit the FIU offices in Tallinn for an interview with a police representative. This is not very common, but it’s a possibility. The interview will be in Estonian, so the company representative is asked to bring a translator if needed.

During the interview, the police will ask you about your company, your plans, and also some questions to know if you understand the risks of dealing with crypto assets and make sure you will guarantee that no money laundering activities are performed.

In Your Company In Estonia, we can’t do the interview for you, but we will help you prepare the interview and put you in contact with a translator if needed, in the case this interview is requested by the authorities.

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