Some online banks like Revolut Business or Transferwise still have a hard time understanding some concepts of the e-Residency program, such as the fact that your company has its virtual office in Estonia but you don’t live there, or the fact that the Estonian business registry is 100% online and everyone can access it and download the documentation of the companies.

This last fact may give you some trouble with these banks when they refuse to accept the articles of association as proof of the shareholder structure. This document comes from the Estonian business registry, and in fact, they can download it themselves if they go to the official website and look for the name of your company.

However, if you present them this document, and they don’t accept it, there are a couple of solutions:

  1. Order a notarized copy and translated by a sworn translator into English, with apostille
  2. Buy a company shareholder structure report from services like

The first option is more expensive since they are official documents from the registry, but it can be useful in the future if you need official notarized and apostilled documentation of your company for any other reason. Here we give more information on how to hire it and what it includes.

To obtain a report on websites such as creditinfo, follow these steps:

  • Enter the following page:
  • Click on the English language option at the top right
  • Look for your company.
  • A new page will appear with your company information.
  • You must click on “Beneficial owners, ownership and control structure”
  • Then click on “As Business Customer”
  • A page will appear where you can proceed to the payment. The fee is usually around 10€.
  • After paying it, you can download the document. This report contains the date, proving that it’s up to date.

Any of these reports will help you to prove the control structure of your company, but the first one can also be used for other things, including requesting investment or requesting official services, grants or digital services for your company.

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