Once you have gone through the registration wizard, we will proceed to add your company to the e-Business registry of Estonia.

To do this, we first will generate the Articles of Association and the entry in the registry. In this step, we will submit an application including the official email of the company, and the Estonian authorities will send a message to that email address with a link to confirm it’s a valid email address.

Therefore, the first step is clicking on that link contained in the email that the registry will send you. The sender is “e-Äriregistri teavitus”. Once you have completed this step, let us know so we can proceed to the next one: the signature.

Once we indicate that you can sign the company registration application, you must visit the Estonian Company Registration Portal. Log in with your e-Resident card. You will see a screen with the name of your company. Click on it. Then you’ll see your name next to a blue “Sign” button. With the e-Residency card still inserted in the USB reader, click on that button.

You will be asked for your PIN2 to proceed to the signature. Once signed, close that window and let us know that you have already signed. Don’t click on “Confirm the signatures” or any other button. We need to verify everything’s correct before continuing the process.

Once we check that everything is correct, we will submit the application to the business registry, and pay the state and notarial fees. You don’t need to pay anything else, they are already included in the fee for our company registration package.

Once the registry receives the payment of the state fees, your company will be officially registered, and you will receive an email with your entry in the registry.

The next step will be to create a bank account for your company.

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