Ideally we need at least the PDF document with the ticket payment confirmation that the airline sends you after the purchase, including the price. If possible, you should get an invoice in the name of the company. Some airlines allow this, some others don’t.
If you can’t get an invoice for your company for the flight tickets, that’s ok. Recently, the Tax Office stated that as a board member, if you can’t get invoices for the trips (flight tickets) in the name of your company, it’s ok if you can upload the purchase document for the tickets and the boarding passes.
Make sure to keep your boarding passes. Then you just need to upload them to the dashboard, we’ll take care of the rest. That’s also true for accommodation expenses such as AirBnB. We need at least a full receipt from AirBnB.
Usually hotels can issue invoices for your company without any problem. Asking for it on the reception is normally enough. If not, most probably an invoice in your name is usually accepted.
We need you to upload all this information to the dashboard. Every month, we take all the invoices and bank statements of the previous month, and we do the accountancy based on them. To be able to do it in time, you must upload all the invoices and bank statements of one month before the 5th of the following month. That will give us enough time to do your accountancy correctly. As an example, for the accountancy of August, we need access to all the invoices and bank statements before the 5th of september.
With the invoices, flight tickets, boarding passes, accommodation invoices or receipts, and bank statements, we have everything we need to correctly do your accountancy.
As you may know, you can also, in the case of an emergency, pay with your personal card or even cash, and declare that as Out Of Pocket Expenses later.
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