No. The e-Residency should not be confused with a citizenship or physical residence permit. Being an e-Resident does not grant you any permission to live or work in Estonia or the rest of Europe. If you are already a European citizen, obviously, you can work and reside in Estonia like any other European citizen following these steps:

  • Travel to Estonia
  • Visit the embassy of your country in Tallinn and say that you will be a long-term resident in Estonia, they will ask you for an address where you will reside in Estonia
  • Visit the Estonian immigration office in Tallinn and let the Estonian authorities know that you will be living there. You will also be asked for an address, a passport photo, and fill out a form with some information
  • In 5-10 days they will usually give you an ID identifying you as a Estonian resident

Also, as a European citizen, you could apply for the Estonian citizenship if:

  • you live more than a year in the country
  • you pass the A2 Estonian language exam, and probably one about the culture and history of Estonia

However, for non-Europeans, you will have to get a VISA or similar permit to enter Estonia as you would if you were not an e-Resident. Being an e-Resident and having a company in Estonia will not facilitate the process.

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