If your company:

  • Offers fiat-crypto exchange to third parties, that is, it offers a service that allows its users to exchange euros, dollars, etc. for bitcoin, ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Manages the finances of users or clients in cryptocurrencies, that is, it manages wallets of its users or clients that contain cryptocurrencies.
  • Pays its employees in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Has or is preparing its own token with economic value (security) / or is preparing an ICO or similar.
  • Wants to launch an exchange, or a wallet service, that owns or manages tokens or cryptocurrency on behalf of its clients.

In any of these situations, your company is a crypto-business and needs to obtain the correct licenses to operate.

On the contrary, if your company only exchanges fiat for crypto privately as an investment in well-known exchanges like Kraken, but without offering this service to third parties, you are not considered a crypto company with the new legislation, and therefore you do not need to obtain the licenses.

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