Estonia is not a tax haven. In fact, it is a reputable country of the European Union with a corporate tax equivalent to most other EU countries. It is not Andorra, Luxembourg, or Gibraltar. Estonia has one of the most transparent business systems in the world and all the corporate and tax information of businesses is publicly available. They have double tax-treaties with most civilized countries.

Estonia is not the target of CFC laws, since its level of taxation (25% corporate tax, plus 33% social tax) is equivalent to other European countries. It’s true, however, that if you live in a country with CFC rules, your Estonian company will be deemed tax resident in your country of residence, and will have to pay taxes there. That’s why you should avoid opening a company in Estonia if you are a tax-resident of a country with CFC rules.

If you are looking for a place to avoid taxes, Estonia is not the solution. If, on the other hand, you are looking to benefit from the advantages of the Estonian tax system to launch an international business, which allows you to travel all over the world managing it completely online, Estonia is the perfect place for you. The emphasis here is in the location independent aspect, not in tax optimization.

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