One of the requisites to do your accounting, taxes and monthly VAT reports, is being able to have access to your banking movements.

This is because we need to match each expense and income with an invoice, salary or another accounting object. Estonian authorities are very strict when it comes to the accountancy of companies, so every movement has to be justified.

Security first

This access has to be secure, giving us read-only access to your banking information, without being able to modify or change anything or perform any unauthorized transfer. Fortunately, its system has been designed to do this securely.

So this permission will not give us the right to make any movement or transfer in your name, or the name of your company. We will only be able to access your movements for reconciliation and prepare -but not execute- your tax payments to the Tax Office.

Of course, such authorization can be canceled at any time.

Granting Permission to Access Holvi

The first step is to log into your Holvi account. Once there, go to your account, and in the menu on the bottom left, in “Account Settings”, click on “Manage users”.

How To Grant Us Permission To Access Your Holvi Bank Statements For The Accountancy Matching

There you will see a list of currently authorized users. Probably, only one of the people in the company will appear (the one who opened the Holvi account).

Then under “Invite a new user”, you must put our “contact” email as it appears in the image and make sure you select the “Editor” role (which does not give us permission to manage or perform transactions).

How To Grant Us Permission To Access Your Holvi Bank Statements For The Accountancy Matching

And that’s it. It was easy, isn’t it? Just make sure to let us know when you’ve finished so we can verify everything is correctly configured.

😱 Help, I’m lost!

If you get lost or a step causes you problems. Do not panic! Do you have a geeky friend who can help you? 🤓 If not, contact us and we’ll do it together, step by step, on Skype.