To link your LHV bank account, you need to digitally sign (using the DigiDoc software) a contract from LHV and send it, signed, back to LHV. Then time they will activate your access so that we can access the bank statements and movements of your company for accountancy reconciliation.

To start the process, simply access the dashboard and go to the “Banks” section. Click on the “Link” button to access the section with all the options to link your bank accounts, and click on the “Link” button for LHV.

We will check your registration number and send the request for you to LHV. Then they will issue and send you a contract with the registry code of your company. It is therefore important that your registration number is well specified in your profile. You can check it on your Profile page (top right, clicking on your name). If it is not correct, please let us know beforehand and we will change it first.

Once we make the request to LHV, they will send you an email with the contract that you must sign. It is a .BDOC file and you need to sign it with the DigiDoc software and your e-Residency card. We will send you a copy too.

Sign the .BDOC document, send it back to LHV (not us), and once LHV verifies everything, they will approve your access and your bank movements will start to appear on the dashboard.

If after one week your account still appears as “pending”, contact us.