“Superceliaca” (Super-celiac girl) is the entrepreneurial name of Yaiza, from Spain. Almost 20 years ago she was diagnosed with celiac disease but, despite her young age, it was easy for her to perfectly adapt to a gluten-free diet. However, she discovered that many people struggle with lots of different things after being diagnosed with celiac disease. That’s why she decided to help others to eat a healthy and varied gluten-free diet.

We interviewed Yaiza to learn more about her project and discover how establishing her company in Estonia was a decisive move to free his online project from physical borders.

Tell us about your business, what is “The Gluten Free Ikigai Services OÜ”? What is Superceliaca (Super-celiac girl)?

The Gluten Free Ikigai Services encompasses different projects, all of them related to the world of celiac disease. And one of them is Superceliaca.

This project was born at the beginning of 2014 due to the need to offer relevant information about celiac disease and personalized advice, all focused mainly on people who have just recently been diagnosed with this autoimmune disease and those who want to stay updated about the last improvements and news in the fight against this disease.

Your business occupies a niche that did not exist years ago. Do you think that this new type of digital business is understood today by the administrations?

I believe there is still a long way until we get to understand the true potential that exists within digital businesses. That is why I saw in Estonia the best option to create my company.

I believe Spain needs to radically change their view of online companies and give more opportunities and subsidies to new Spanish businesses, so that we do not have to look for options outside the country.

Gluten and Borders-Free Entrepreneurship, Discover The Story Of Superceliac

What are your main challenges as a freelancer and entrepreneur, and how do you face them?

My number one challenge is to be relevant in the world of celiac disease, and help others as much as I can, both as Yaiza (the person) and as Superceliaca (the business). In order to do that I need to carefully prepare my schedule and decide when and where it’s best for me to work, taking advantage of those deep work, productive moments.

Nowadays online companies have an important say in business since they can reach a global audience very easily. That allows me to help anyone regardless of where they live. Being new in the world of digital entrepreneurship, the business side of things was a big challenge. That’s why I contacted Your Company In Estonia to take care of all the stuff I do not know about the business world.

How did you get to know the e-Residency, and what made you decide for it?

I knew about the Estonian digital nation through a television program and it was a real discovery for me. As soon as the program ended, I rushed to look for information at my computer, and my findings fascinated me even more. I always knew I didn’t want to stay in my hometown, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, forever, or in the city where I was working back then, Madrid.

I needed a business environment that will give me freedom to live where I wanted while running my company. And my research convinced me that the perfect place for that was Estonia and its e-Residency!

What where your struggles previously? What was your main motivation to change? Paperwork, bureaucracy, expenses …?

This is the first time I create a company. Previously, I worked at an American multinational corporation, and I knew that I needed a change. I wanted to be my own boss and have everything in order when creating my digital company.

I was looking for all kinds of information to do it in Spain but every time I read something new, I was more afraid. Thus,  I ended up completely confused about the paperwork, bureaucracy and expenses in Spain, so I was impressed when I discovered the possibilities offered by Estonia.

Fortunately, by chance, both my active search to create my company in Spain and the discovery of Estonia as a result of the television program happened at the same time, so that was a lucky coincidence!

My main motivation to stay with Estonia was the clarity at the time of creating the company . Nothing to do with Spain. And above all: digital. What else can you ask for?

How do you think a company in Estonia has helped you? What do you expect from the future?

The advantages have been enormous when it comes to creating the company. The bureaucracy in Estonia has nothing to do with Spain, everything has been much faster and simpler, starting with the e-Residency application, and especially when it comes to setting up the company. I am also very happy to have found Your Company In Estonia, since they have taken care of everything from the first moment.

Also, being my first company, I really love the fact that the, unlike in Spain, the taxes I have to pay are proportional to the benefits that I get. Congrats, Estonia!

Gluten and Borders-Free Entrepreneurship, Discover The Story Of Superceliac

What does a typical work day looks like for you? Where do you like to work? From home, in co-working spaces?

My work day is usually quite varied, it depends on where I am and the time I have left. I’m especially keen on working on a terrace gently feeling the sunshine on my skin. If I’m traveling, I always prefer cozy coffee shops where I can have a gluten-free snack and comfortably plan my next gluten-free article or product.

I don’t usually stay at home, but I have my chill out area there, with everything I need to happily work at ease.

What are your future plans for you and your business? What’s on the horizon of The Gluten Free Ikigai Services OÜ?

I am super happy because soon, in collaboration with a friend -who happens to be an amazing illustrator- I will be releasing an illustrated story for children about living gluten-free life. This is what I loved the most about setting up a company in Estonia, it gives me flexibility to develop very different digital products and services, not needing to opt for one in particular, or register for each type of activity of my company.

My main activity is helping people with celiac disease, but I can also offer content marketing consultancy or offer my first illustrated storybook.

Why did you choose Your Company In Estonia? What would you highlight about our services?

Since I discovered them, I knew I wanted them in my life. They took care of everything from the beginning, and they solved absolutely all my doubts with respect to the registration of my company in Estonia. They had a lot of patience with me and we were able to speak the same language throughout the whole process. 10 out of 10!

Where can we find you and know more about your project?

You can find me on the web https://superceliaca.com and on social media as @superceliaca .