Lisbon 2019
e-Residency hands-on

The e-Residency Program of Estonia: run your global business 100% online

From 17:30 to 20:30 – Outsite Cowork Cafe – Rua de S. Paulo 109, 1200-275 Cais do Sodré – Lisbon

Free invitation

We celebrate the e-Residency week!

As part of the celebrations for the international e-Residency week, Lisbon has been chosen by Estonia as one of the cities to host the events to promote the innovative e-Residency program of Estonia. Your Company In Estonia, official business service provider of the program, organizes a workshop in which we will explain what’s the e-Residency program and how it allows location independent entrepreneurs and global startups to run a business online without ever visiting Estonia.

This workshop is of special interest for digital nomads, global startups and companies who want to go global or expand to the European market. It is a free event subject to previous invitation. It will take place on Wednesday, 27th of November in the evening in Lisbon.

Free invitation

Three sessions of 45 minutes

After every session there will be a 15 minutes Q&A round

What's the e-Residency program?

What’s the
e-Residency program?

What are the advantages for digital nomads and global startups?
Bring your laptop, as we will explain how to become e-Residents right away!

Launch and run your company 100% online

Launch and run
your company 100% online

How to open and manage a paperwork-less company, without visiting Estonia and without needing to go to a bank office. Everything 100% online! If you are already an e-Resident, we will show you how to open your company in five minutes directly there.

The innovative tax system of Estonia

The innovative tax
system of Estonia

Estonia, far from being a tax haven, has however a smart tax system that offers incredible advantages to small companies, startups and entrepreneurs looking for a business framework that allows them to grow.


Ignacio Nieto Carvajal

Ignacio Nieto CEO of Your Company In Estonia

Ignacio Nieto is the author of the book «e-Residency program of Estonia» and CEO of Your Company In Estonia OÜ.

He is also a freelance developer (CEO of Digital Leaves OÜ), composer and blogger who writes about entrepreneurship and the digital nomad lifestyle on

e-Resident guest

Ksenia Ashrafullina

Ksenia Ashrafullina

Ksenia is a polyglot and a culture-tech enthusiast. She speaks eight (natural) languages while constantly learning new ones in the quest to adopt new thinking patterns and read poetry in the original.

Being a self-proclaimed culture geek, she has created an app called Invisible City that allows users to find cultural gigs in Lisbon, and soon other cities. Currently with her team she is expanding Invisible City to become a platform where artists can build their audience, find and book venues for their gigs easily, perform more and get paid fairly. She loves flamenco and practices its steps every day before breakfast. She is also member of eerica (Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association).

The place

Outsite Cowork Cafe

From 17:30 to 20:30 – Rua de S. Paulo 109, 1200-275 Cais do Sodré – Lisbon