Certified CRYPTO-company accountancy in Estonia

Our monthly fee for Crypto-Companies depends on the number of hours spent on the accountancy, regardless of its activity, the number of members of the company or its annual turnover. Includes annual reports.

Crypto-company accountancy


This plan applies only to Crypto-Companies. This price does not include 20% of Estonian VAT. If you are already an e-Resident with a Crypto-company, and you want us to take care of your accountancy, contact us here.

Monthly accountancy

We take care of the monthly bookkeeping and compliance of your company. We need you to upload, before the 5th of the following month, all invoices and bank statements, of the previous month.

Monthly VAT reports

From the moment your company has a VAT number, we need to submit VAT reports for it every month, even if there was no activity during that period.

Monthly TSD reports

We need to submit TSD tax reports every month, even if there was no activity during that period. These reports include all taxes derived of salaries or dividends distributed.

Annual activity report

We elaborate and submit the annual activity report of your company for free, included in your monthly accountancy fee.

Virtual office

We offer a virtual office server subject to staying in a monthly accountancy plan with us. Includes scanning and emailing of letters and postal forwarding of packages (shipping costs charged separately).

Person of contact

We include the contact person for your Estonian company subject to one of our monthly accountancy plans. This person will receive the notifications to your company from the Estonian government.

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(*1) All company members must be e-Residents. See here how to apply for the e-Residency.
(*2) The registration of a company is subject to a subscription to a monthly accountancy plan.
(*3) It is mandatory to apply for the licenses and open a business bank account.