How to Invoice your customers and Present Your Company’s Invoices in Estonia

2020-02-17T09:02:30+00:0022 August 2018|Business, Taxes, Tutorials|

If you are starting your business in Estonia, or do not have much experience invoicing customers, you may find the topic confusing. Should I include VAT? What data should I include in my invoices? In this article, we describe how to invoice and present the [...]

Estonia: The Country That Believes In Entrepreneurs

2019-11-04T18:29:29+00:0024 May 2018|Business, Estonia, News, Taxes|

Estonia has turned entrepreneurship into the engine of its economy. This is not a gratuitous claim. Estonia is a country that believes in entrepreneurs, and demonstrates that with its laws and measures every day. In this article, we want to highlight the advantages that [...]

Your cryptotrading license in Estonia

2019-09-20T10:37:13+00:002 May 2018|Business, Crypto-Company, Taxes|

Can you launch a cryptocurrency trading service that operates according to the law with all the guarantees? Can your startup launch an ICO legally? Yes. Estonia is considered the most digitally advanced society in the world. And for a good reason. Since it become independent from [...]

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