What are Out Of Pocket expenses and how to declare them?

2019-09-20T10:44:43+00:004 July 2019|Business, Tutorials|

One of the most interesting features of the Estonian business system is Out Of Pocket expenses. In this post, we explain how they work, and how you can easily declare them in our dashboard. What are out of pocket expenses? The Estonian business system is [...]

EERICA and Your Company In Estonia, Supporting e-Resident Entrepreneurs

2020-02-10T16:43:25+00:0011 June 2019|Business, e-Residency|

EERICA has been born, and being a founding member, we are so proud that we needed to share it with you. What's EERICA?. EERICA is a non-profit organization that aims tu unite and represent e-Resident business owners from around the world. Its goal is to [...]

How To Download The Entry In The Registry And Articles Of Association Of Your Estonian Company

2019-09-20T10:48:04+00:0029 May 2019|Business, Tutorials|

One of the greatest advantages of running your Estonian company through the e-Residency program is that everything can be done online. That includes downloading all the documents of your company. In this article, we explain how to download the entry in the registry and articles [...]

How To Grant Us Permissions To Submit Your Annual Activities Report For Your Company In Estonia

2019-09-20T10:49:25+00:0013 May 2019|Business, Tutorials|

One of the most important accounting procedures that your company in Estonia has to do on a yearly basis, and one of the most tedious, is the preparation of the annual activities report. However, as our client, you do not have to worry about anything. [...]

How to change the legal address and person of contact of your company

2020-03-20T09:23:08+00:002 May 2019|Business, e-Residency, Tutorials|

As our customer, you are entitled to a free virtual office service including the person of contact and legal address while we provide you our accountancy services. If you come from another provider, it will usually be necessary for you to change the legal address [...]

How to declare the share capital of a company in Estonia

2019-11-04T18:27:26+00:0010 April 2019|Business, Tutorials|

One of the changes that were recently introduced in the legislation of Estonia, as a prelude to what will be the e-Residency 2.0, is the possibility of entering and registering the social capital of a company in Estonia from any European bank account. That is, your [...]

Gluten and Borders-Free Entrepreneurship, Discover The Story Of Superceliac

2019-10-28T13:07:42+00:0026 February 2019|Uncategorized|

"Superceliaca" (Super-celiac girl) is the entrepreneurial name of Yaiza, from Spain. Almost 20 years ago she was diagnosed with celiac disease but, despite her young age, it was easy for her to perfectly adapt to a gluten-free diet. However, she discovered that many people struggle with [...]

How To Update Your Contact Information For Your Company In Estonia In The Statistic eStat Website

2019-09-20T10:52:29+00:0019 February 2019|Business, e-Residency, Tutorials|

In Estonia, thanks to the e-Residency program, there is almost no paperwork you need to do and, fortunately, all can be done completely online. One of the ones you may need to do is updating your contact information for the Estonian statistics department (eStat). In [...]

Estonian e-Residency, Learn How David Huerga Launched His Online Business

2020-05-20T08:32:36+00:0029 January 2019|Success stories|

Your Company In Estonia solved all our doubts and helped us understand all the difficult concepts, even in topics that were not directly connected with the business registration, accountancy, and taxes.

Nomad Summit 2019: All about the most important conference for digital nomads

2019-09-20T12:46:21+00:0023 January 2019|Digital Nomad, News|

This year we were at the Nomad Summit 2019. For those of you who do not know it, it is the most important conference for digital nomads in Southeast Asia. Specifically, it takes place in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. In this post, we discuss our [...]

Your FBA Company In Estonia (Fulfillment By Amazon)

2020-05-04T08:44:58+00:0025 November 2018|Business, News, Open a company in Estonia|

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program of the American company that allows anyone to open an online store and sell products to customers around the world. The only requirement is obviously, a company that serves as the legal framework for the activity. In this [...]

Estonia extends the validity of the e-Resident cards for 2 more years

2019-09-20T12:26:14+00:0029 October 2018|e-Residency, Estonia|

The Estonian government has decided to extend the validity of 32,000 e-Resident cards, which were valid for three years, for two more years, up to a total of five. What does that mean? Is your card among the chosen ones? Read on... What is [...]

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