Launch a company in Estonia

Where do I start?

Launch and run a company in Estonia completely online thanks to the e-Residency program. First, all the members need to apply for e-Residency and, once you all have your e-Resident packs, you will be ready to register your company. We recommend these articles to learn more about it.

The e-Residency program of Estonia

Estonia offers a digital identity issued by the government that allows online entrepreneurs launch and run a European company completely online.

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Bear in mind

The e-Residency program is not the right solution for all business models or all entrepreneurs. It’s designed for online businesses, location independent entrepreneurs and global startups. It’s main advantage is their innovative taxation system that applies taxation only on distributed profit. Want to know more?

OÜ Company and accountancy

We register your company, offer you support for opening your bank account, and apply for a VAT number if applicable. From that moment on we subscribe you to a monthly accountancy package to manage the accountancy and taxes of your company.

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Tu Empresa En Estonia | Agencia Oficial Certificada En Estonia

Banking solutions

One of the main attractions of the e-Residency program of Estonia is the possibility of managing your company completely online. Did you know that you can also open a bank account without visiting the country? In these articles, we explain more about the possible banking alternatives available.

Cripto-Empresas | Tu Empresa En Estonia

Crypto-Companies, licenses, bank and accountancy

We register your company, manage the application for the crypto-licenses (crypto-trading and crypto-wallet), and do the accountancy this type of companies require.

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Registration of special companies

We support companies with multiple members, dropshipping businesses and Amazon FBA, and businesses which require special licenses such as tour-agencies. The licenses for some of these businesses must be obtained separately through a law firm.

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FBA de Amazon

Special services

We help you register the share capital contribution of your company, open your bank account for a crypto-company, in a European bank outside of Estonia or in a fintech with special requirements. Contact us.

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