Are You European? Now You Can Manage Your Estonian Company From Your Home Country

2020-08-14T10:09:20+00:0013 August 2020|Business, News, Taxes|

To say that the European Union was one of the best political and social achievements of the XX century would be an understatement. The single market, the Schengen zone, freedom of travel, being able to live and work anywhere in Europe, the removal of borders... [...]

Shareholders of an Estonian company can distribute the shares online now!

2020-08-10T15:15:19+00:0010 August 2020|Business|

Estonia is continuously improving their business system to allow complete location independence and 100% online management of your company. The latest change in legislation, that entered into force the first of August of 2020, allows shareholders to redistribute their shares online (without the need of visiting a notary), if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Differences between the Digital Nomad Visa and the e-Residency program of Estonia

2020-08-10T15:30:13+00:0010 August 2020|Digital Nomad, e-Residency|

In this article we explain the differences between the Digital Nomad Visa and the e-Residency program. Although they cover two completely different needs, there is sometimes some confusion between the two programs.

How our customers save 50% of their time spent in accountancy thanks to automation

2020-07-23T11:13:58+00:0023 July 2020|Companio|

We are avid supporters of the e-Residency program of Estonia. We believe technology is there to tear down limitations and borders, and empower entrepreneurs to do business and work remotely. But technology also enables us to spend less time on paperwork and red tape and [...]

The Digital Nomad Visa of Estonia Has Arrived!

2020-07-21T06:41:57+00:0029 June 2020|Digital Nomad|

The 10th of June, Estonia's Riigikogu (the unicameral parliament of Estonia) approved the Digital Nomad Visa. This groundbreaking event means Estonia has become one of the first countries in the world to create a VISA that allows remote entrepreneurs, nomads and even tourists to work [...]

Why Estonia is doubling down on AML/KYC regulations and how you can comply with them

2020-06-22T13:54:16+00:0019 June 2020|Crypto-Company, e-Residency, News|

In this article, we explain why Estonia is tightening their anti-money laundering regulations, and making sure companies operating with crypto-licenses and offering crypto-exchange or crypto-wallet services operate in the most strict legality.

We are hiring, join our team!!!

2020-06-16T12:43:33+00:0016 June 2020|Uncategorized|

ABOUT THE COMPANY Empresa En Estonia OÜ is the fastest-growing official business service provider for the e-Residency program of Estonia. This innovative program allows location independent entrepreneurs and startups to register their companies in Estonia and manage them completely online. We are a fast-growing team [...]

Differences between Your Company In Estonia and other business service providers

2020-07-29T12:49:34+00:0010 June 2020|Companio|

One of the most fascinating aspects of the e-Residency program is how it has allowed anyone to open a company in Estonia completely online and manage it from anywhere in the world. In order to make it easier for entrepreneurs, and to take care of [...]

Companio for e-Residents, manage your Estonian business online

2020-06-01T13:20:29+00:001 June 2020|Uncategorized|

After many months of hard work, we are proud to present Companio for e-Residents, the most powerful tool on the market to manage your online business in Estonia. In this post, we tell you about all the functionalities that it currently incorporates, and our motivation [...]