7 Terrible Mistakes You Are Making With Your Estonian Company

The e-Residency program of Estonia has performed a remarkable work making it easy for everybody (and we mean everybody) to have a company in Estonia and manage it online with just your e-Residency card and a good internet connection. Still, [...]

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How to launch a global company in Estonia: QuantGemFx’s story

We have had the pleasure of interviewing the QuantGemFx OÜ team, a trading and financial investment company based on data and analytical strategies. An example of a global and decentralized company, QuatGemFx OÜ is formed by residents in Spain, Mexico, [...]

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How To Grant Us Permission To Access Your Transferwise Bank Statements For The Accountancy Matching

One of the requisites to do your accounting, taxes and monthly VAT reports, is being able to have access to your banking movements. This is because we need to match each expense and income with an invoice, salary or another [...]

2019-10-23T08:00:44+00:0023 October 2019|Tutorials|0 Comments
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