Trabajo En Equipo | Tu Empresa En Estonia

Tere Hi Hola Привет

We are a team of 10 professionals from Spain, Estonia, Ukraine and Italy. We are the one and only business service provider officially authorized by the e-Residency program founded 100% by e-Residents and digital nomads.

As such, we understand the problems that location independent entrepreneurs and global startups face every day, so we can offer you the best advice. Our goal is offering the most complete and personalized service, taylored to your specific needs. Without limitations. You choose the way you run your business, the banks you like, and the activity of your business.

We believe in communication

Even if email is great for non urgent stuff, a company is something very personal, and we know you sometimes have doubts that need a conversation with someone face to face. That’s why we offer our customers communication channels such as audio or video conference for situations that need to be solved immediately.

You can also contact us on social media, send us an email of course, and even visit us (just let us know beforehand!).

Oficinas De Tu Empresa En Estonia

Our offices are in Tallinn… and the rest of the world

Even though most of the team are digital nomads, we have offices in Tallinn.

However, remember that we offer our services online. If you absolutely need to schedule a meeting, or want to visit our offices, you should always contact us first to make sure someone will be able to meet you there. Thank you.