Launch and run your company in Estonia

Includes company registration, VAT, employee register, bank account support, virtual office, legal address and person of contact. We support OÜs and MTÜs, multi-member companies, dropshipping and FBA businesses, Crypto-Companies and tour agencies.

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We take care of your accountancy & taxes

Your company registration is subject to the subscription to a monthly accountancy plan determined by your invoicing volume. Upload your invoices every month to our e-Secure platform and let us take care of the rest.

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e-Residency program

Estonia offers a digital identity issued by the government that allows online entrepreneurs to start a European company and manage it remotely.

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We are e-Residents and digital nomads

Our team, as an official business service provider for the e-Residency program, has broad experience working with location independent entrepreneurs. Most of us are e-Residents from different parts of the world.

Are you a digital nomad? You’ve come to the right place. In Your Company In Estonia we have a solution specifically taylored to you.

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